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Stander Loodgieters                                  Contact Person:           Marius Stander
P.O.Box 4736                                                                         Cell:  078-973-4022 George East

About Us

Stander Loodgieters (Plumbers) was Established by its current owner, Marius Stander.Marius Stander Our aim is to provide our clients with the best service and products, creating an overall value-for-money experience. Our work is always completed with the best quality material and will always be done using SANS (previously SABS) accredited material. We focus on plumbing maintenance services in the residential and commercial markets and will gladly assist you with your construction requirements as well. All our work is done or supervised by qualified plumbers.

The Importance of Plumbing

The importance of proper plumbing and sanitation is often taken for granted in the Western world. However, in underdeveloped countries and especially in Africa, the effects of improper or total lack of proper and adequate plumbing and sanitation has severe health implications on the community. It is in this light that we have published an article on the importance of plumbers as Healthcare Workers in our blog, please do take the time to read the article. Without digressing further, let’s just state that the skill, or lack thereof, of your plumber can have serious implications for all of us. Please browse through the pages to familiarize yourself with our plumbing services, our plumbing blog, or maybe just scroll through our plumbing picture gallery. Should you wish to drop us a note regarding any of our plumbing services and how we can address your plumbing needs, be it from a simple appliance installation to a bigger bathroom or kitchen renovation, scroll to our Contact Form and send us a message. We will be in touch with you soon (and of course, we will be absolutely grateful for the opportunity to be of service)

Marius Stander
Founder of Stander Loodgieters | Plumbers